Saturday, 21 November 2009

I BLAME THE 1970s!

Why do men always want to f**k?
Deemi’s catchy hip hop tune demands:
Why N****s Always Wanna F**K!
Why Can’t we go to the flicks (movies),
Walk through the Park,
Maybe take some pics?
All they wanna know is
Can I suck ya d**k?
Why N*****s always wanna f**k?
I find myself agreeing with her. Men just seem to want sex morning noon and night! It gets boring!
The Modern Boyfriend thinks he can just shag you anytime he feels like it! Think of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly; they wouldn’t put up with this! Where is Cary Grant when I need him?
And Men have got us to believe that shagging them is liberated! What a Con! In the 1970s virgins became uncool and Square. The pill meant we had no reason to say no. Women have been shagging men willy nilly ever since.
A liberated Woman does what she truly wants to do – whether other people think its cool or not.
I know what I want:
To share my life and my bed with 1 special person who truly loves me and I love him. Marriage! Til death do us part, that’s what I want.
I find casual sex disappointing and upsetting BUT If I say I do not want sex before marriage, people think I am mad! I am an attractive young woman who chooses not to have casual sex and I seem to be a social leper.
Samantha from Sex and the City has trained all men to want her. A woman with no emotional needs who just wants to f**k all the time.
This is not me. I like cuddles, I like dinner and movies, I do not want to have sex with someone who does not love me and want to stay with me.
‘Good husbands are made, not found’ your Grandma will tell you.
Men are being trained by the media to be sex obsessed a**holes. You wake up, turn on the TV and there's a woman in her underwear, smiling provocatively offering you butter. Every ad has women smiling provocatively, simulating the look when she wants to have sex with a man.
Women of the UK - we need to get men back under manners!
Say No To Sex Until You Get the Love You Want! – Get what you want up front, don’t gamble on the man improving After sex – how likely is that?
I said yes to sex in the 80s because I would have been square if I did not. I regret it and I am never going to have sex again until I feel loved and secure and WONDERFUL.
Holding Out
Doris Day, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn are Icons who controlled the men around them with cool sophistication. Watch their moves; turn away and change the subject as he zooms in for a kiss. Make him wait – not to tease – but to make him value it. Make him wait long enough to be sure he really wants YOU, not just a snog. You want to know who he really is before you commit yourself in any way. I have kissed many handsome princes who immediately turned into a frog!
Make him feel a cad if he pushes sex – ‘Well if you’re that kind of boy I’ll thank you to take me home right now’. I mean it. If a man cannot control his urges he is immature and no use to a grown woman. My fiercely beautiful friend Janee, just gets up and leaves if dates don’t come up to scratch on any point. They love her for it! Because she values herself highly.
I am not going to have sex until I have found the perfect man for me – and he will be a top of the line Rolls Royce just like I am!
Am I mad and alone? If you agree with me leave a post :o)
For good, solid dating advice I recommend ‘Mars and Venus on a Date’ by John Grey.
And another thing ….
Feminism has given us the freedom to f**k a different man every day and the freedom to go out to work instead of bringing up our children. Great! It’s nice that a woman can be a truck driver and lesbians can have children but the rest of us are f**ked. Babies are being left with strangers while they’re milk- leaking mothers cry at their desk in the office. Breastfeeding women should not have to go to work! Have we all gone mad?
WHAT ARE MEN FOR if not to support their wife and child? – at least until the child is 5. I am no gold digger, but if my husband cannot financially support me long enough to have a baby, I say look for a new husband. And go on the pill until you find one!
I’m all for Independent Women – I vote, I work - but its impossible to be independent when you have stitches in your waz and a baby that only sleeps for 2 hours. Mothers and babies need looking after, cosseting and a feeling of safety. The mothers I see are stressed out, broke and have an edge of frantic worry. This is not good for children or mothers. Men – step up and take care of your women and children and stop being selfish – it is not a good look!
I define a successful man as one who makes his wife and baby feel safe, happy and secure. Football, beer, shagging, expensive cars; these are childish playthings that a Man must put aside. His top priority must be the happiness and success of his family or the future of the human race is at risk. Neglected babies make angry adults = gangs of hoodies. Children need their father as much as their mother but for different things. They need their father to be the example of how to be a good man. A good man teaches, disciplines, protects and cuddles his children at all times. The greatest joy in life is to make your own child giggle. A man who does not make his loved ones feel happy and secure is worthless to me. (Always watch how he treats his mother!)
O, and getting a divorce because you are bored of shagging one person is the worst selfishness of all. You leave your child with no daddy to cuddle morning and night so you can please your knob. Hmmm good decision? Or worthless fool who has permanently damaged their child?
Of course, I’m not against divorce where there is abuse and misery, but you liked and loved each other for years before deciding to make a baby – so for your child’s sake go to couples therapy and rekindle that love!
A devout Christian friend of mine waited until her wedding day (at her boyfriend’s insistence!) and said she barely heard the vows because she was trembling with exquisite desire and anticipation. Sounds great to me.
In the 70s and 80s we tried men and women being equal by attempting to do the same things – See Tranny Robot Margaret Thatcher. We have now realised men and women are different - See the Entire History of the Human Race and ‘Men Are From Mars, Women Are from Venus’).
A man who cannot control his sexual urges acts like an animal – without intelligent choices. But now women are becoming as stupid as men! We talk about ‘a shag’ like going to the gym.  Do we want annoyingly frequent, quick, mediocre sex? I want magical, meaningful, long and tender love making. If you have sex all the time your bodies become desensitized, the longer you wait the more intense the orgasms.
We all love Sex and the City. But actually, Samantha and Miranda had both been so damaged by men being brutal to them that they separated from their emotions and started banging away like men. Even Carrie and Charlotte slept with MANY embarrassing and painful wierdos before they found the right one! I do not want to sleep with ANY embarrassing and painful wierdos, EVER!
If they had dated but not gone all the way until they met the right guy – POUF – all the angst of the whole series – gone :o)
This is not a new idea. Throughout history women have granted men sex only after they have got what they wanted – a diamond, love and marriage, power.
True story: Helen of Troy was stolen from her husband which started the 100 Years War. After 100 years of their sons and husbands being killed in battle, the women of Greece made a pact not to sleep with any man until the men ended the War. It worked. The 100 Years War was abruptly ended and Greece returned to peace and prosperity. (See Lysistrata).
Women had sex with love before the 1960s. They only slept with a man who had proved his true love for her by proposing that he sleep only with her for the rest of his life. A man only had a right to regular sex after he devoted himself for life to one woman and their children.
Sounds very civilized to me. If people just acted on every desire, Society would be destroyed.  I don’t eat McDonalds every day even tho I feel an urge when I see the ad, because I would die. I don’t stay in bed instead of going to work because I will lose the roof over my head.
I don’t sleep with men because it upsets me when they turn out to be nasty. Or boring, or shallow, or ignorant, or cold, or judgemental, or controlling, or smelly. Or just not the right man for me.
I started not sleeping with my boyfriends 2 years ago. Now I am not traumatized when I dump another loser (or he dumps me) because he has not been inside the tenderest part of my body! I broke the rule for a (very) pretty face and was devastated when I realised my boyfriend was a selfish, shallow thicky. I raged and cried for 2 months – all avoidable if I had not slept with him.
A DJ friend stopped sleeping with his groupies because ‘I started to feel like a bad guy because I was always walking crying girls to the bus stop in the morning’. Samantha doesn’t cry. But we do. We are not Samantha (who is rumoured to be a gay male character in disguise). We are loving, caring women who deserve loving caring men. Acting like Carrie and friends is not the way to get one.
I think we need to show men our true feelings. Be completely honest with them and ask them to be completely honest with us. Only then can we find out if we are truly compatible. I am clingy. I have had lots of therapy but it will always be part of my nature. So I need a slightly clingy man. Unaffectionate men make my soul die inside. There are a million dealbreakers; does he love porn? If you do too, fine. If not, NEXT! But we can only find out if we are totally honest with each other. If he does something you don’t like, tell him, and go home until he apologises!
But if we pretend to be like Samantha and have sex because we have a crush on a guy and we want to please him, we will never get what we want.
Be honest about what you want from a man and don’t settle for less.
So I invite you to join me in an ancient female pact:
If you think of a good slogan, please post it :o)